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Is it cold in here? Or is it just me?

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It’s finally here!

The trailer for the comedy web series, “Class Dismissed!”

The web series will focus on a group of college friends who are professionals at being ridiculous.

This is a project of Sara Loretta Productions. Sara Loretta Productions focuses on creating inclusive entertainment aka 100% body positive, 100% sex positive & 100% LGBT* positive entertainment! Why? Because it really sucks when you’re watching something you like and all of a sudden who you identify as becomes part of a joke.

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- Sara K.

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The campaign has come to an end! Thank you all for your support and for sharing the word! :) Seeing as we were unable to fully reach the funds needed to create a film, that won’t be financially possible at the moment. However, after fundraising for 7 weeks and getting to talk to people and see why they supported or liked the idea, we came up with something that we think is going to work out great.

The script for Class Dismissed is in the process of being converted from a feature film to a 12 episode web series. Why a web series? Because there was something so inherently social about this project and we want to keep the conversation going. We’d also like to start creating something for all of you that you’ll hopefully enjoy :) All links and information will be posted once the project is complete! I’m really excited about this idea, and I hope you’ll be excited about it, too. The journey doesn’t end here for Class Dismissed, and we can’t wait to show you the dream we’re ready to bring to life and the ideas you believed in. Keep an eye out for Class Dismissed! :)